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Raymond Ray
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My past clients the Turner family speaking about me.

 An Episode of HouseHunters that I was featured in.


I have been a consistent Top Producer in Real Estate for the past 31 years. I trained under a top producer at Re/Max when I started in the business. I took my experience from my background in advertising and brought new ideas and creativity into my Real Estate business. My business is defined by great customer service and a detailed knowledge of the market place and inventory. I have built a clientele of lifelong relationships with past clients that look to me for sound advice and refer me to all of their family and friends and co workers. I take care of my clients with the highest level of competence, integrity and loyalty.

I am a self starter and creative thinker. I have constantly developed new marketing tools during the course of my twenty four years in Real Estate. I was one of the first Real Estate agents in the industry to have a presence on the World Wide Web. I purchased the name in the mid 1997. I built my own web site which I edited, maintained and publish myself with Frontpage. I offered my client’s virtual home tours before most agents even knew what they were. I actually photograph all of my own listings and edit my photographs with Adobe Photoshop. I also built another web site to give home owners the value of their home,

I am a dedicated Full Time Real Estate Agent. I am available to my clients seven days a week. I pay extreme attention to details and I take great pride in making sure my clients are fully aware of every aspect of their transaction, whether it is a home purchase or the sale of their current home. I explain in sequential detail each step they will be taking in the process to complete their transaction successfully and stress free. My clients know I’m available to make sure their questions are answered and their concerns are addressed. My clients know if a hot property hits the market they will hear about it right away so they won’t miss an opportunity.

I am well known and respected by my peers. In my thirty one years in Real Estate I have never had an Escrow not close successfully. That even sounds amazing to me. I attribute that fact to my attention to detail and knowing my business.

Understanding my client’s needs, listening to their objective and getting the necessary information you need at the beginning of a transaction so you overcome any obstacle to close the deal. I also use the right team of affiliates to ensure that you have honest truthful answers to any obstacles and issues up front before they




I went to Real Estate school with Tom in 1989 and we became good friends. Tom never intended to get into the Real Estate business but just wanted to be very familiar with the laws and how the business was done. Tom asked me to help him and Teri find a home because he trusted me and knew that I was top of our class in the College Of The Canyons. I found them a home in the Mountain View West tract in Saugus CA and they loved it. It was around Christmas time and Tom showed me a little wooden horse that he hand made for his 4 year old daughter Ashley. They live in the home for almost thirty years and called me to sell the home for them. I was shocked because I never thought they would leave that home. But their daughter Ashley had gotten married and bought a home up near Las Vegas. So they wanted to sell and move up to be closer to her. I sold the home for them and they have moved to Vegas. They did a wonderful video for me about our relationship and I have put the link below for those who wish to see it.

Tom and Teri Turner


Todd and Tammy Skinner have purchased three homes with me since 1991.

I have also sold Todd and Tammy's Daughter Ashley and her husband Shane Carlson three homes over the past twenty years. I also sold Todd's sister Kim and her husband Chad Person's home in Studio City CA and found and sold them a new home in Stevenson Ranch CA.

Todd Skinner

Owner Of Skinner Lathing

Lill bought her first foreclosure, which was a Home Savings REO from me in 1995..

Lill Bronson

Real Estate Investor

Frank Rosas is a General Contractor and he buys homes and rehabs the property to flip the home. Frank has purchased and sold homes with me since 1996.

Frank Rosas

General Contractor / Flip This House

I sold Mark's Crown Villa Townhome in the 90's and then sold Mark and Evelyn a home in Stevenson Ranch in the Sienna tract. Then I sold the home in the Sienna Tract for them and moved them up into a home in the Pacific Summit tract in Stevenson Ranch. They have now sold that home with me and are looking to relocate in another state.

Mark and Evelyn Lindgren

I sold Katie a home in Anaheim Hills several years ago and the I listed it and sold it for her in 2012. Then I sold Katie a new property she purchased that same year again in the Anaheim hills area. Her father, Mark David, is a well know prominent business man in the Santa Clarita area. I sold his home on Happy Valley Dr and he has relocated to the Lake Tahoe area.

Katherine David

Attorney for the orange County District Attorneys

A Great Real Estate Story Worth The Time To Read.

One of my best friends and father figure was William Lee Mossontte

 I first met Bill at an open house I was holding on Memorial Day in 1991. He came into the open house and said ” Do you know that you are the only open house in Santa Clarita today? ” I said, yes I thought I would be the only one working today. He took one quick look around the house. I could tell it was not for him. He then pointed towards his wife and said “Do you know who this is?” I looked at his wife and said, Yes, that’s Robin Romeo a champion on the lady’s pro bowling tour. He was amazed and said you must be a bowler. I told him yes, been bowling my whole life. He said well this home is way too small and will not work for us. He then looked at me and said but your my new Realtor. I’ll be at your office tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and I want you to show me some homes. He gave me some of the parameters he was looking for and left. I went back to my office and pulled up the homes on the MLS that I thought best suited his needs. The next day I went to my office at 8:30 am was waiting for Bill not really even sure he was going to show up. Then I heard him walk in and tell the receptionist he was here to see Raymond Ray. I came out of my office and greeted him and we walked out the door headed to the parking lot. I was taking him to my 1990 Honda Accord hatchback. He saw my car stopped and said, You know what, my back has been hurting me lately. Do you mind if we take my car and you can just tell me where to go.  I said sure, whatever is more comfortable for you. We walked around the corner to his classy Jaguar and were on our way to look at homes. Bill and Robin bought a beautiful home in Hidden Valley up off Calgrove. He found that home on that very first day we went out to see homes. That started our long term relationship and I was friends with Bill until he passed away on Oct 7th 2015. The Real Estate business is more than just about closing the deal. It’s about the people and relationships you make along the way. He was more than a friend. He was a father figure to me and I loved him dearly. Thank you for everything Bill. I miss you. William Lee Mossontte Bowling Alley Entrepreneur And Real Estate Investor William Lee Mossontte purchased several homes from me over the years starting with his first home in Santa Clarita in 1992. Bill owned several bowling centers, commercial retail centers and rental properties. He had purchased homes with me for himself, for his son William and his daughter Melissa and her husband Jerry.
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